State Security Service says Russian occupation forces carried out illegal borderization near Knolevi village

30.09.22 17:30

According to the State Security Service, representatives of the Russian occupation forces carried out illegal borderization in the occupied territory, near the village of Knolevi of the Kareli Municipality, within the framework of which metal poles and wires were illegally installed.


According to the agency, the hotline was immediately activated in connection with the mentioned fact and information was provided to the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia, as well as the co-chairs of the Geneva international discussions.


"Each case of illegal activities of the occupation forces, including the illegal borderization is the subject of acute response by the central Government of Georgia and our international partners.


The issue will be raised acutely within the framework of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism meeting in Ergneti, as well as at international discussions in Geneva.


Illegal borderization and installations erected within it prevent free movement, complicate the daily life of the local population and damage the security environment on the ground.


The occupying power bears full responsibility for the current processes," reads the statement of the State Security Service.




source: IPN 

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