The Tavush revanchists, led by Bagrat Galstanyan, were supported by the Armenian community in Abkhazia

09.05.24 12:30

The Armenian community of Abkhazia has supported Pashinyan's opponents - this information is being disseminated by the Sukhumi separatists' telegram channel ABKHAZIA CENTRE.


"The Armenian community of Abkhazia welcomes the emergence in Armenia of a new patriotic movement led by Bagrat Srbazan (Bagrat Galstanyan - ed.)," the community said in a statement.


The statement also said that Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, head of the Tavush diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, led the "Tavush in the Name of the Motherland" movement and organised the march. It is stated that "opposition political forces, public figures, people from the fields of science and the arts, as well as diaspora organisations" joined the action.  Most of the participants in the movement are unscathed militants and terrorists who dream of a new war and revenge for the defeat in Karabakh.


Bagrat Galstanyan's revanchist movement "Tavush in the Name of the Motherland" opposes "unilateral concessions by the Armenian authorities in the process of demarcation of the state border with Azerbaijan" and, in fact, peace in the South Caucasus region. Participants in the movement plan to march to Yerevan's Republic Square on 9 May, the Victory Day of the Great Patriotic War, and present the authorities with an ultimatum of demands.


However, it is unclear how the symbolism of the Victory over Nazism in the Great Patriotic War of the Armenian revanchists is connected with their idol - the Nazi criminal Garegin Nzhdeh? However, if we take into account that this movement is supported by Abkhazian Armenian nationalists, then their "internal war" is primarily the war against Georgia with the participation of their battalion named after Baghramyan, which, like the Armenian fighters in Karabakh, is characterised by Nazi brutality against civilians.


And for the latter, 9 May is not Victory over Nazism Day, but the day of the capture of the Azerbaijani city of Shusha in 1992. And it is this day, it seems, that the revanchists will remember.


Official Yerevan regards Bagrat Galstanyan as an agent of Russian interests. Moreover, public activist Hovsep Khurshudyan said on the public television of Armenia that he has information that hundreds of criminal elements have arrived in Armenia under the supervision of the Kremlin, especially from Sochi and Moscow. According to him, the purpose of their arrival is provocation, inciting unrest and destabilising the situation in the country.


As we know, the Armenian community in Abkhazia is closely connected with Armenian criminals in Russia, whose "lawlessness" in the recent past has even "fed up" the authorities of the Russian Federation.  It is very likely that Ruben Tatulyan, the criminal "guard of Sochi", who was previously forced to "go on the run", will still get his "use" against the official authorities in Armenia. And this is one of the main criminal authorities of Armenian origin from Abkhazia, before which the separatist leaders in Sukhumi, including the puppet "president" Aslan Bzhania, bowed.


Armenian criminals in the Russian Federation and occupied Georgian Abkhazia still have the potential to participate in destabilisation in the interests of revanchists, as well as "cadres" to carry out provocations. A member of Bagrat Galstanyan's movement, the blogger "Dog", who is known for his unbalanced behaviour, has already announced that radical steps are being prepared.


Armenian terrorists and militants from Abkhazia, including "veterans" of the Baghramyan battalion, notorious for its atrocities against Georgian civilians. Bagrat Galstanyan's "Tavush in the Name of the Motherland" movement gathers the bloodiest bastards - the terrorist murderer of the Turkish Consul General in Los Angeles, Ambik Sasunyan, also joined it.


George Kvinitadze

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