400 restaurants in Tbilisi to receive one-time financial assistance from City Hall

13.05.21 15:40

In total 400 restaurants operating in the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi will receive one-time financial assistance from Tbilisi City Hall next week, announces the Tbilisi City Hall. 


During the week-long holidays announced in Georgia on May 4 to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the funding process was suspended.


Week-long public holidays begin in Georgia to prevent spread of coronavirus
City Hall announced that the process of verifying documents will be resumed today and the aid will be transferred next week.

In March 2020, Tbilisi City Hall announced a subsidy programme for small and medium restaurant businesses. 


Financial assistance for the restaurants was set at 5,000 GEL. However, in case of operations of more than one restaurant by one legal entity, financing amounted to 10,000 GEL. 


In total about 2 million GEL is allocated for the programme.

All restaurants registered before November 28, 2020, will receive the subsidy.




source: AGENDA 

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