Lawyers meet with Nika Melia at the Rustavi penitentiary facility

04.05.21 13:30

Nika Melia, the accused chairman of the United National Movement, meets with his lawyers at the Rustavi penitentiary.

As Giorgi Kondakhishvili, a lawyer, explained before entering the institution, it is an ordinary meeting with Melia.


"It's an ordinary meeting. As for Nika's position, everything is known, nothing new, so we can not talk about the details. Nika's position is very well known on all issues, including the issue of bail. This is our next meeting, we could not meet after Thursday because it was a holiday. There are some expectations about this case, which are absolutely incomprehensible, we are just meeting our friend who is in illegal political custody", - Kondakhishvili said.



Source : IPN 

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