Aleko Elisashvili: Girchi wants to enter the parliament, but they are struggling and looking for some ways, they should dare do it, I love more courageous people

12.04.21 15:00

Girchi's tactics are a bit strange - I know that Georgian Dream and Girchi have probably met 50 times, - Aleko Elisashvili, an opposition lawmaker, told reporters.

According to Elisashvili, Girchi wants to enter the parliament, but they are struggling and looking for some ways.


According to Elisashvili, they should make bolder decisions.


"I do not know what they agreed on, or whether they talked about these seven points or not. Anyway, their tactics are a bit confusing. They could hold a public meeting, present seven points, issue an ultimatum. There are a few points that we also share and have signed. For example, the election of first instance judges and the right of a person to choose a judge, as well as the election of police sheriffs. It will be good for the country and very democratic. Saying that they have seven points and want at least one of them to be satisfied sounds a bit strange. All of our points were satisfied. Neither we nor the Georgian Dream have broken the promise. I love public things and believe in public things. They did not hide that they were meeting behind closed doors. I have no idea what they were talking about. The fact is, they want to enter the parliament. They should come, our voices will get louder. I love more courageous people, they should dare do it," Aleko Elisashvili told reporters.



source: IPN 

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