Otar Kakhidze does not confirm the information that he is leaving "European Georgia"

19.01.21 16:00

Otar Kakhidze, member of European Georgia, does not confirm the information that he is leaving the party.


"Someone may have come to this conclusion because I appear less on TV screens, I started a law company with my partner and I am engaged in the activities of it. Probably, since I make fewer comments on current political developments, maybe someone came to such a conclusion. This is not true. I remain a member of European Georgia. I am no longer a member of parliament, therefore I returned to my legal activities in a law company", - said Otar Kakhidze.


For information, according to media reports, two more members - Zurab Chiaberashvili and Otar Kakhidze - may leave "European Georgia" after Elene Khoshtaria. European Georgia called the information a lie and didn't confirm it.



source: IPN 

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