European Socialist: Georgian Euro-Atlantic integration to be irreversible path

19.01.21 10:05

The European Socialist Party issued a statement to disagree with a reportage aired on Mtavari Arkhi TV Channel on January 17. The video piece said the party does not have a registration certificate, which hinders its activity as a constructive opposition.


The European Socialists political party held a statutory meeting on January 9 in full compliance with the law, adopted the charter, and certified by a notary all the necessary documents,” the party said in a statement.


The party informs that it continues its activities and will have the final registration in the Public Registry after completing relevant procedures.


“Absolutely all members of the political council of the European Socialist Party categorically reject the information spread by various media outlets that some members of the political council are anti-Western,” the European Socialists said in a statement.


“Georgia’s integration into the Euro-Atlantic space is an irreversible path, and there is no alternative to it. Georgia is and will be an integral part of Europe,” the statement reads.


The party said in a statement reads that the country’s foreign policy should focus on multi-vector policy and good neighborly relations.




source: 1TV

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