According to SSG, Tsiskara Tokhosashvili, a member of the Islamic State, was arrested at Tbilisi International Airport

08.12.22 14:10

The Counter-Terrorist Center of the State Security Service, on the basis of the evidence obtained in the course of counter-terrorist activities, arrested Georgian citizen Tsiskara Tokhosashvili at Tbilisi International Airport.


The State Security Service disseminates information about this.


According to them, the Counter-Terrorist Center is conducting an investigation against Tsiskara Tokhosashvili on the fact of joining a foreign terrorist organization and aiding in terrorist activities. According to SSG, the charge envisages imprisonment from 10 to 17 years.


"Tokhosashvili left Georgia in 2015, went to the Middle East and joined the terrorist organization Islamic State operating in the region. Tokhosashvili, also known as "Emir Isa", was considered a very influential figure among the members of Islamic State. He actively participated in terrorist activities and in the current combat operations. For some time, he led one of the units of the terrorist organization in the conflict zone. He had close relations with various influential leaders of the terrorist organization Islamic State.


It should be noted that in 2019, as a result of a joint operation, the younger brother of Tsiskara Tokhosashvili, Tsesar Tokhosashvili - Emir Al-Bara Shishan of the Islamic State - was arrested on charges of terrorism. He is serving his sentence in Georgia.


The Counter-Terrorist Center is investigating Tsiskara Tokhosashvili under Article 328 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, on the fact of joining a foreign terrorist organization and aiding in terrorist activities. The charge provides ten to seventeen years of imprisonment as a punishment," SSG reports.



source: IPN 

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