The parliamentary majority cannot specify whether they will send the draft law on deoligarchization passed in two readings to the Venice Commission

22.11.22 17:30

The ruling majority still cannot specify whether they will send the draft law on de-oligarchization adopted by the Parliament of Georgia in two readings to the Venice Commission for a conclusion, and in this regard, whether they will take into account the recommendation of the EU representatives and European Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi.


In response to a relevant question, the first deputy chairman of the Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee, Davit Matikashvili, emphasized that the draft law in the Venice Commission was sent by the Ukrainian Parliament, the Georgian law is similar to the Ukrainian one, and recently it became known that the Ukrainian side withdrew the law adopted by it from the Venice Commission.


"Regarding the draft law on deoligarchization, we were waiting for a conclusion on the Ukrainian model, which is similar to the Georgian model. Recently, it became known from the US Ambassador that the project was withdrawn by the Ukrainian side, which, by the way, the EU Ambassador did not mention. We got this information from the US Ambassador. It is a fact that the high-ranking officials of the European Commission made a very high assessment of this draft law. "A bold step" - that's how the European Commissioner assessed the Ukrainian draft law, which says it all. The Ukrainian side was even given the obligation to implement the law it adopted when it was granted the status of a candidate for the European Union. The Georgian side adopted a project similar to the Ukrainian draft law so that additional political insinuations would not appear," said Davit Matikashvili.




source: IPN 

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