Amid "disillusionment" with Russia, Armenian nationalists have not abandoned their claims against Georgia.

12.11.22 16:50

Razdan Madoyan, one of the leaders of the Armenian nationalist organisation United Forces Union, Armenian Militia Army, recently made aggressive and false anti-Georgian statements on the Noyan Topan TV channel:



"Here are the Georgian Christians and the people of St. George. You know that until the late sixties in the local trains, just after they started, the conductors would go through the carriages and push the Armenians into the last carriage" - Razdan Madoyan tells an absolutely wild xenophobic lie about the Georgian people. And most interestingly, the anchorwoman agrees with him in his slander about "pushing Armenians into the last carriage".


However, Armenian nationalists, of course, do not mention the real facts of their fellow countrymen's hatred towards Georgians. And not even about "being run off to the last wagon", but about torture and killings on ethnic grounds. Then they forget to mention that Georgians have always welcomed Armenian settlers on their land, for which they received "gratitude" - it was Armenian fighters in Abkhazia who killed Georgians just because they were Georgians, drove them from their native land, settled in their houses and flats and are still living there illegally.


This all indicates that their hatred towards Georgia and their intention to seize Georgian lands, first of all, Samtskhe-Javakheti has not disappeared from the Armenian nationalists.  They consider large parts of Georgian territory as "theirs".


The interview with Razdan Madoyan only confirms that "Artsakh" and "Javakh" separatism are equivalent parts of the same plan and two almost equal directions of Armenian aggression against their neighbours. In its time, the "Javakhk" strand of this aggression lost just one vote to the "Artsakh" one at the Dashnak Congress. No wonder Razdan Madoyan, regarding the defeat of the Armenian military in the 44-day war against Azerbaijan, says that it "broke not only the Armenians of "Artsakh", but also the Armenians of "Javakhk". After all, the plans of Armenian aggression in "Artsakh" and "Javakhk" were identical.  And here we hear the admission that Azerbaijan's victory over the occupiers broke them.


Hrazdan Madoyan is a long-standing member of the Armenian "Javakh" separatist movement. Back in the spring of 2006 he was a member of the "Javakhk" separatist NGO, where he distinguished himself with scandalous and provocative statements that after the final withdrawal of the Russian military base from Akhalkalaki, the Turkish military would allegedly take its place. According to him, there was already a sad experience of "coexistence with the Turkish army" for inhabitants of the region in 1918-1920 when Turkish troops entered Akhaltsikhe. "As a result there were almost no Armenians left in the city, although a Georgian general was sitting in Akhalkalaki and seemed to be in control. The same may be repeated today," the separatist declared then.


At the same time Madoyan made a "historic discovery", stating that "Javakhk" had never been part of independent Georgia. Akhaltsikhe city, that is, Samtskhe province, was part of the Georgian state. "According to the new administrative division of Georgia, the two provinces were merged and the region of Samtskhe-Javakheti was created." Razdan Madoyan makes an analogy with the same absolutely delusional anti-historical statements by Armenian nationalists to the effect that 'Artsakh' was never part of Azerbaijan.


In 2006 Hrazdan Madoyan was a supporter of Russia and hoped that Russia could tear "Javakhk" away from Georgia according to the Karabakh scenario and "give" it to Armenia. But years later, despite the withdrawal of the Russian military base from Akhalkalaki, no Turkish military base appeared there, although Hrazdan Madoyan's hatred towards Georgia increased even more. True, he began to place less and less hope in Russia for the "return of Javakhk" to Armenia. Last time such hope flashed in February 2022 after the start of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Then Razdan Madoyan, in fact, supported this aggression with his statements, stating that Crimea and other Ukrainian territories claimed by the aggressors "have never been Ukrainian". However, Russia began to suffer one defeat after another in Ukraine. And Razdan Madoyan was finally disappointed in Russia's "Javakhk" assistance, suddenly becoming its most ardent enemy. Now it turns out that Russia is to blame for the fact that "great Armenia" lost "Javakhk and Artsakh" by giving these "Armenian lands" to Georgia and Azerbaijan:


"Armenian lands were given to Azerbaijan and Georgia: if 'you start to poke around, we will take it away and return it to Armenia. Armenia was kept in check, because "if you do something, first, the Turks will eat you up, and second, half of your territory is in Azerbaijan and Georgia", Razdan Maloyan gives out his version of border management in the South Caucasus.  In another interview with the same TV channel Noyan Tapan regarding the "alliance" between Russia and Armenia, he stated that "with such an ally there is no need for enemies".


The Armenian nationalists are now frantically looking for new "allies" to conquer Azerbaijani and Georgian lands for them. As for Russia, which has recently shown its military weakness in Ukraine by suffering a crushing defeat at Kherson and being forced to abandon that Ukrainian city, they have become disillusioned. And from their former words of friendship and "alliance" they have moved on to expressing an overwhelming hatred, which today is in some ways even greater than the hatred of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia.  A characteristic video of a recent torch march in Yerevan demanding Armenia's withdrawal from the CSTO is evidence of this: 



"The Russian Empire is enemy number one for Armenians" declares an Armenian nationalist taking part in an anti-Russian procession. This is the "gratitude" of the "most ancient people" for the fact that Russia gathered Armenians in the South Caucasus, gave them Azerbaijani and Georgian lands, created Armenian statehood on them and protected and maintained it for so many decades.  Not to mention the fact that it allowed them to "sit on its head" and occupy key positions in business, politics and the information sphere in the Russian Federation.


Do the Armenian nationalists think that the new allies, seeing the sad examples of "Armenian gratitude" to Russia, which has done so much for Armenians throughout its history, will be as naive? And will they satisfy all the wild claims of Armenian nationalists to foreign lands?




Grigol Giorgadze

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