Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues statement regarding Alexander Lukashenko’s arrival in occupied Abkhazia

29.09.22 10:30

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia issued a statement regarding the arrival of the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, in occupied Abkhazia.


In the statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia expresses deep concern about Alexander Lukashenko's arrival in the breakaway region of Georgia and his meeting with the representatives of the Russian occupation regime in Sokhumi.


“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia condemns Alexander Lukashenko's "visit" to the occupied region of Abkhazia by violating the state border of Georgia, which grossly violates the fundamental principles and norms of international law.


We call on the Belarusian side to respect the territorial integrity of the sovereign state within the internationally recognized borders and not to take actions that contradict the fundamental principles of international law," reads the statement.




source: IPN 

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