The most popular tourist areas in Georgia are Prometheus Cave, Martvili Canyon, Sataflia and Tsalka Canyon

19.09.22 14:30

Among the most popular protected areas in Georgia, Prometheus Cave, Martvili Canyon, Sataflia and Tsalka Canyon are among the top four. Medea Janiashvili, acting head of the National Tourism Administration, told IPN about it.


According to her, 77,528 visitors visited Tsalka Canyon alone, which was opened in June of this year, among them, 65% are Georgian citizens, and 35% are from foreign countries.


"A number of international and foreign media, including CNN, BBC, euronews, yahoo news, Washington post, etc., reported on Tsalka Canyon was reported. It was also covered by the highest rated Israeli and Turkish media outlets. Tsalka Canyon has gained interest and popularity among local and international social media influencers," she said.


According to the number of visitors, Tsalka Canyon ranks 4th among the most visited protected areas. Tsalka Canyon was visited by 77,528 visitors during the 8 months of 2022, including 65% citizens of Georgia (50,242 visitors) and 35% citizens of other countries (27,286 visitors).


Among the most popular protected areas, the Prometheus Cave is in first place, with 129,048 visitors. "Martvili Canyon (121,602 visitors) and Sataflia (78,100 visitors) come next," Medea Janiashvili noted.




source: IPN 

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