Georgian PM meets UAE State Minister

13.09.22 12:00

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili met State Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for Economy and Trade Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh.


The meeting focused on the existing cooperation between the two countries in various areas of the economy. Georgian PM and the UAE State Minister stressed that the political dialogue pursued between Georgia and the UAE has advanced, as evidenced by the high-level visits to the countries.


In discussing Georgia’s favourable business environment, the dignitaries noted that investments from the UAE are being implemented in numerous projects, and their growing number is gratifying.


It was also noted that preliminary talks would begin in the coming months to conclude a Free Trade Agreement between the nations. According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, the establishment of a Free Trade Zone will create a supportive climate for promoting and advancing economic and trade relations between Georgia and the UAE.


Georgian PM expressed his gratitude to the UAE Government for granting a visa-free travel arrangement to the citizens of Georgia.




source: 1TV

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