The Armenian lobby is in a hurry to "erase" the border of Abkhazia, annex it completely and buy it up and send the Abkhaz to die all over Ukraine.

03.06.22 10:00

On 31 May 2022, the so-called "Abkhaz Forum" was held in Moscow. The key participants of the forum were in fact the "masters" of occupied Abkhazia - representatives of the Armenian lobby (chief among them Margarita Simonyan) and associated figures such as Konstantin Zatulin.


As previously expected, the main theme was the de facto elimination of the border between Russia and the occupied Abkhazia, or rather simple annexation of the Georgian territory. In particular, Konstantin Zatulin said that the regime of "Russian-Abkhazian" border should be like the one with Belarus, the "border" (i.e. line of occupation) on the Inguri should be strengthened, and on the Psou even removed. The main Kremlin propagandist Margarita Simonyan held the same opinion in her speech:


"Today our people go to Abkhazia to see the beauty. Standing at the border, waiting, anguished and damning everything to hell. Why? It is unclear. Now they are going to allocate large funds to increase, expand and reconstruct the border which in my opinion should not be there at all".


Simonyan did not specify who she meant by "our people". But she certainly did not mean Georgian refugees, whom the occupiers and separatists, as well as the Armenian lobby do not let to their motherland.


It is clear that for her "our people" are, above all, her fellow Armenians who feel like "masters" of the Krasnodar Krai of Russia and Abkhazia. They do not like to cross the border and bow to those separatist "border guards", customs officers and officials that think too much of themselves.


It has been decided to end these games that led to the war in Ukraine in Abkhazia. Fortunately there are already more Armenians there than Abkhazians. And in terms of economic influence Abkhazians are nothing compared to "the most ancient people" that intend to invite settlers to Abkhazia as "investors" and to buy up land and real estate there en masse.


Konstantin Zatulin, who has recently forgotten about "Artsakh" as an already hopeless project for Armenian nationalists, emphasised the importance of "guarantees for investors" (read Armenian settlers) in Abkhazia in his speech.


"Unfortunately, so far Abkhazia has developed from profits rather than investment and loans. This needs to change. It is important to take overdue decisions on the regime related to land ownership, real estate, investment guarantees. The worries of the Abkhazian people are clear to me: "we wake up early in the morning and everything belongs to somebody. 150 million have come from Russia and they have bought everything. The 150 million will not come, only those who love Abkhazia and want to invest in it. What they will do, will remain forever to the Abkhazian people. No one will take out of Abkhazia sanatoriums and hotels. The sooner we understand this, the better.


Yes, indeed, no one is going to let all 150 million Russians and other indigenous peoples of Russia into Abkhazia. The key words here are "only those who love Abkhazia and want to invest in it".


 Who it is, everyone knows very well. Of course, representatives of the "most ancient and long-suffering people". In this regard, the words "what they will do will remain forever to the Abkhazian people" sounds like mockery.


 Of course, everywhere where these representatives of "the most ancient people" came, they left everything to indigenous people. This can be confirmed, for example, by residents of the Azerbaijani town of Iravan, of which not a single person remained on the land of their ancestors. The same, it seems, awaits the Abkhazians.


As for Zatulin's friends, the 'investors' from the Karabakh clan who, having suffered a complete fiasco in Armenia, want to move to Abkhazia, they have not even built anything for themselves in the temporarily occupied Azerbaijani Karabakh. They destroyed and burned what they could in Azerbaijan, especially when it became clear that they would have to leave someone else's land behind. These "investors" were good only at ethnic cleansing - for more than 27 years, where there was not a single non-Armenian on the lands they seized. The same is likely to happen in Abkhazia.


However, today Abkhazians have "a great opportunity" to "cleanse" Abkhazia of themselves, to give their lives for the occupants in a foreign land, in Ukraine. And even get "gratitude" from those who only think how to get Abkhazia without Abkhazians.


Artur Chakryan, a senior adviser in the administration of the " President of the Republic of Abkhazia" (and in fact the "overseer" of the separatist puppet of the Armenian lobby) who took part in the "Abkhaz forum" in Moscow, enthusiastically shared on his Facebook page:


" Russian State Duma deputy Konstantin Zatulin, speaking at the Abkhaz Forum, thanked all the people of Abkhazia for supporting Russia in the "special operation".



The perspective of the Abkhaz is both clear and sad. All signs of separatist "statehood", including the border, will be eliminated by the occupiers. All land and real estate in Abkhazia will go to Armenian "investors" and settlers. And the Abkhazians themselves, their gene pool, will be sent as "cannon fodder" to die in Ukraine.




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