Giuli Alasania on Mikheil Saakashvili: He was pale, he was completely white, he had difficulty walking - he fell three times yesterday, he feels terribly weak

13.05.22 10:30

Giuli Alasania, the mother of Mikheil Saakashvili, says that the third President's health condition has deteriorated significantly. Giuli Alasania stated about it at a press conference after visiting Mikheil Saakashvili at the Vivamedi clinic.


As for the situation in the clinic, as Alasania says, Vivamedi has good conditions and "can not be compared to the Gori clinic."


"From what I saw, I met him in prison two days ago, he is in much worse condition than he was, it was clear. He was so pale, I felt bad, he was white. He found it very difficult to walk. He fell three more times yesterday and he told me he has such a condition - a terrible weakness.


I saw the doctors, I got to know them, they are very attentive people, the situation is very good in this regard, but he [Saakashvili] is not well himself, that's a problem, otherwise I liked the staff very much," Giuli Alasania said.


According to her, despite the good conditions in the clinic, it is not enough to heal Mikheil Saakashvili and he should be taken abroad.


"Analyzes have been done, I do not know the answers yet, they said they have to observe. I do not know how long he will stay, but I know for sure that it is necessary to get a person out of here because neither observation nor analysis, examination, of course, will be enough. He needs intensive treatment, this is about saving him.


Everyone is trying very hard to alleviate the situation, but it seems that his rehabilitation here will certainly not happen and it is necessary to start this process as soon as possible because he may pass away at every minute. Such an impression is left today especially. I did not even have such an impression even at last time, but what I saw today, I was just scared.


I heard that even in this clinic there was no such case of having such a patient. There is no experience. Nine diagnoses have already been made and all of them are severe and the disease can lead to a very severe outcome at any time," Giuli Alasania said.


According to Alasania, Mikheil Saakashvili will be visited by his personal doctor Nikoloz Kipshidze tomorrow.



source: IPN 

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