Georgia intensifies relations with NATO, Deputy Defense Minister says

14.01.22 11:30

Georgia intensifies relations with NATO since the security key is in tight cooperation with the alliance and partner states, said Grigol Giorgadze, Deputy Defense Minister.


According to the Deputy Defense Minister, 15 international military exercises were held in 2021 against 25 planned for this year. Also, several activities are scheduled, which will increase Georgian Defense forces’ interoperability and defence capabilities.


“It is obvious what Russia wants from us. We live under the conditions of occupation, and threats increase daily. We keep active cooperation with partner states and the alliance to hold our hand on the pulse and have information, make an analysis of what should be done in order to avoid or contain these threats,” Giorgadze said.


Grigol Giorgadze further clarified that military drills and the political dialogue serve as Georgia’s security guarantees.


“The government spares no efforts to reach the target that is our country’s security and integration in the NATO,” he claimed.



source: 1TV

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