In order to promote domestic tourism, the National Tourism Administration continues active campaigns

27.09.21 16:00

According to the National Tourism Administration, the National Tourism Administration is continuing active campaigns to promote domestic tourism .


Promotion of domestic tourism is one of the main priorities for the National Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. During the pandemic period, the development of domestic tourism is of special importance. The National Tourism Administration has implemented a number of projects this year to support sector development and the private sector.


By 2021, the National Tourism Administration has conducted 23 press, info and tour tours.


"The administration has held tours for tour operators and guides throughout Georgia. With the info-tours project, the Tourism Administration gives domestic or import tourism companies the opportunity to get acquainted with the unfamiliar tourist places, tourist products, routes and facilities of different regions of Georgia, which tourism companies will include in future tours and offer to both Georgian and foreign travelers.

In parallel with the info-tours, the National Tourism Administration continues culinary tours. The aim of the project is to promote gastronomy and popularize the culinary opportunities of different regions, increase the awareness of unique and authentic cuisine and stimulate domestic tourism.


Press tours throughout the country continue to popularize Georgia's lesser-known tourist attractions. Georgian journalists, bloggers, photographers and cameramen are participating in the project, ”the statement reads.



source: 1TV

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