Tamar Gabunia states that, according to preliminary information, Lithuania will donate 15,000 doses of AstraZeneca to Georgia

14.05.21 17:20

As the Deputy Minister of Health, Tamar Gabunia states, according to preliminary information, Lithuania will donate 15 thousand doses of AstraZeneca to Georgia.


As she told reporters, details about the vaccine will be clarified in the near future.


"The details will be clarified as to what the vaccine will be, 15 thousand doses are not many, however, we are grateful for this donation. It will be distributed according to the stage of the vaccination program.

According to preliminary information, we are talking about AstraZeneca, the details will be clarified", - Gabunia said


For reference, Lithuania has approved 200,000 doses of vaccines for the Eastern Partnership countries, including Georgia.





source: IPN 


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