'Having remembered Ararat in Tbilisi, Armen Sargsyan 'forgot about the oppressed Javakhk'? Groundless claims of Armenian nationalists to Georgia

26.04.21 13:45

"Kavkazplus" wrote that during his visit to Tbilisi, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian, in the book of honorary guests of the President of Georgia, decided to engage in "artistic creativity" and drew the contours of the Turkish mountain Aghrydag (Ararat), which is a blatant provocation against international law and a claim to Turkey. At the same time, it is also an “application” for Georgian territories, including, first of all, the Samtskhe-Javakheti region.


Armenian nationalists from Yerevan have already started accusing Armen Sargsyan of “confining himself” to only claims to Agrydag (Ararat) in Tbilisi. In their opinion, the President of Armenia should have used the visit to Georgia in order to make claims to the Samtskhe-Javkheti (“Javakhk”) region. This is exactly what the Armenianreport edition demands from Armen Sargsyan in Tevos Arshakyan's article “Remembering Ararat in Tbilisi, Armen Sargsyan“ forgot ”about the“ oppressed Javakhk ”. ( We give the material in full:


“The half-heartedness of decisions and shyness of Armen Vardanovich manifested itself in Georgia as well.


Armen Sargsyan. President in a parliamentary republic. We remember the existence of the post of president and the person who holds it in our country only when the media remember him, or when he makes some kind of voyage abroad. The rest of the time, this nominal and weak-willed president is in the shadows and has practically no opportunity to influence the political processes in Armenia.


And it seems that the status of the "Armenian queen" - which reigns but does not rule - Armen Vardanovich is quite happy with. What about? He is beyond the derogatory criticism that the prime minister and the opposition generously endow each other with, he does not influence anything, he is not responsible for anything. So, even about the signing of Armenia's actual surrender in the 44-day war, Armen Sargsyan learned only in the morning from the media - Pashinyan did not even bother to inform him about the fateful decision for Armenia.


So our president has a small field for activity only in foreign policy. Moreover, he is a professional diplomat. And here Armen Vardanovich sometimes wakes up a desire to show everyone that he is something of himself and that he is also an Armenian, whose soul hurts for our long-suffering Motherland. True, these attempts are timid and half-hearted. An example is his recent visit to Georgia. While at the residence of the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili (who, by the way, is also the president of the parliamentary republic), Armen Sargsyan left an entry in the book of honored guests.


“I express my sincere satisfaction with the invitation of President Salome Zurabishvili to visit Georgia. I am sure that the results of this visit will strengthen the relations between the Armenian and Georgian peoples for the benefit of our future generations, ”Sargsyan wrote in the book and accompanied the recording with a drawing with the contours of Mount Ararat.


Well, the fact that Armen Vardanovich, even while on an official visit to another country, does not forget about the symbol of the Armenian people under Turkish occupation deserves only praise. It is unlikely that there is at least one Armenian in the world who would not dream of returning Mount Ararat to the bosom of Armenia. But it was not in vain that we noted above that even in foreign policy, the President of Armenia demonstrates shyness and half-heartedness. Yes, you drew the contours of Ararat in Georgia, but there you could also draw the contours of Javakhk, where the 150,000 Armenian population lives. Although he lives - it is loudly said. Survives is the correct definition. And by drawing the contours of Javakhk there, Armen Sargsyan would show not only the Georgians but also the Javakhk people themselves that Armenia remembers them, sympathizes, and does everything possible to alleviate their difficult situation within Georgia.


It's not a secret for anyone that the Armenian-populated Javakhk was transferred by the Soviet Bolsheviks to Georgia, despite the requests of Armenia and even the small Armenian-Georgian conflict of 1918. The Bolsheviks, as in the case of "Artsakh", did not give a damn about the aspirations of the Armenians of Javakhk and presented this region to Georgia. Since then, the oppression of the indigenous people began, which intensified many times after Georgia gained independence in 1991 and especially after the withdrawal of the Russian military base.


For many years, the region has been undergoing a systematic process of Georgianization and the Turkishization of Javakhk, which provides for the settlement of the primordially Armenian territory by Georgians, Azerbaijanis, and Meskhetian Turks.

In Javakhk, unlike in Nakhichevan, Armenian churches and historical monuments are not destroyed, but Georgianized, in order to show that the Armenians here are alien people. Armenians are forbidden there to study their native language, they are experiencing problems with finding a job. Moreover, Javakhk fell into the zone of interests of Azerbaijan and Turkey, and in order to implement them, it is necessary to clear the region of the indigenous population.


And Georgia, which has long been dependent on Baku and Ankara, is actively indulging the Azeri-Turkish expansion into the region. Georgians do not want to perceive the Armenians of Javakhk as equal citizens of their country and constantly suspect them of separatism, disloyalty and even Russophilia (recall the sad story of the Javakhk activist Vahagn Chakhalyan, who was imprisoned for defending the rights of his people under Saakashvili, and under the "dreamers" deprived of Georgian citizenship and expelled to Armenia).


As a result, the rejection by the Georgian majority only increases the feeling of doom and isolation among the Armenians of Javakhk, who are increasingly drawn to reunification with their mother, Armenia.


I am sure that if Armen Sargsyan, next to Mount Ararat, would also draw the outlines of Javakhk as if hinting to Salome Zurabashvili about his concern about discrimination against Armenians in this region, then this would be an act that deserves praise and applause. It was only necessary to more clearly state their concern over the issue of discrimination and the difficult socio-economic situation of the Armenians of Javakhk. But, alas, the half-heartedness of decisions and shyness of Armen Vardanovich manifested itself here too - he did not find the resolve, being in Tbilisi, to slightly politicize the situation in Javakhk. As a result, he again showed everyone in Armenia what he is, and to the Armenians of Javakhk - that they will be powerless hostages in the geopolitical games of Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Georgia for a long time to come. " End of the article.


The lie of Armenianreport that the Armenians of Samtskhe-Javakheti are "oppressed" is striking. Although we have witnessed how the Armenian settlers oppress and appropriate a lot of Georgian churches in the region, which is evidenced by the mass of studies by Georgian scientists. And recently, Armenian extremists tried to seize the Georgian Kumurdo Cathedral by force, even throwing stones at the police.


So, if there is any discrimination in Samtskhe-Javakheti, it is the indigenous Georgian population, the Georgian Church, and the cultural-historical heritage on the part of the Armenian “Javakhk” separatists. And how actively, during the second Karabakh war, in broad daylight, at stadiums in the centers of Akhalkalaki and Ninotsminda, Armenian nationalists and separatists recorded mercenary militants to be sent to the war in Azerbaijani Karabakh and collected funds to finance terrorism shows that they are on someone else's they generally feel themselves to be "masters" of the land and do not put Georgian laws in a penny.


As for Vahagn Chakhalyan, it would be better for the "Javakhs" Armenians themselves if he were in a Georgian prison. In any case, fewer of them could have been recruited into mercenaries and sent to an inglorious death in Azerbaijani Karabakh.


Chakhalyan himself, in fact, heads one of the revanchist forces in Armenia, which, if she succeeds in getting into the Armenian Parliament and joining the new ruling coalition, may well activate “hot” separatism in Georgia. And “substantiating” this separatism, Sargsyan will begin during his visits not only to draw the outlines of the Turkish Agrydag (Ararat), but the map of “Great Armenia” with the Georgian Samtskhe-Javkheti included in it.




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