Tea Tsulukiani calls on actor Beso Zanguri to leave Rustaveli theater immediately

16.04.21 11:55

Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth Tea Tsulukiani calls on actor Beso Zanguri to leave the Rustaveli theater immediately.


Tsulukiani also appealed to his ex-wife, Ninutsa Makashvili, to cooperate with the investigation. As for the artistic director of the Rustaveli Theater, Robert Sturua, according to Tea Tsulukiani, there are no plans to dismiss him.


"Ninutsa Makashvili, despite being summoned to the investigative body, has not arrived yet. I hope she will not refuse it. Even if she thinks that it is too to go to the investigative body after 11 years, I want to call on her to cooperate. With regard to Robert Sturua, I will tell you directly as Minister of Culture that his dismissal is not planned. Both parties should cooperate with the investigative body. In this case, I mean Mr. Beso Zanguri. It will be good if he leaves the theater today, I can do nothing but to call on him to do so,” Tsulukiani said.


Actress Ninutsa Makashvili was summoned to the investigative agency after she publicly stated that her ex-husband, actor Beso Zanguri had been abusing her. Makashvili said on the Rustavi 2 TV that she had been physically abused, but remained silent about it for years. Beso Zanguri denied violence. The actor was publicly supported by theater director Robert Sturua, which caused dissatisfaction in the society. Later, the artistic director of the Rustaveli Theater wrote on the social network that he would leave the theater only if he was fired.



source: IPN 

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