Archil Talakvadze: Georgian Dream has readiness to sign ab agreement, I hope the opposition will reconsider its responses and attitudes

12.04.21 17:01

Our society and partners do not support politics outside the parliament - they do not support destabilization, - Chairman of Parliament Archil Talakvadze said at the parliamentary bureau sitting.

According to him, this signal should be a guide for political parties.


Talakvadze also said today that the government had a principled readiness on all issues raised in the dialogue.


"During the dialogue moderated by Danielsson, we made it clear that the ruling team, the Georgian Dream, was ready to sign the agreement document and end the dialogue positively. We have readiness for this! I hope the opposition will reconsider its responses and attitudes. We have seen public opinion polls showing that a large part of the public does not support the boycott. The country has needs and the political system must respond to them. These needs are restoration of the economy, reduction of poverty, creation of jobs, effective management of the pandemic and vaccination process, and implementation of our international agenda, in which the role of the entire political system is important," Talakvadze said at the parliamentary bureau meeting.




source: IPN 

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