SSG: Representatives of the Russian occupation forces illegally detained 3 Georgian citizens near the village of Khurcha in Zugdidi

19.01.21 11:25

On January 18, at about 20:30, near the village Khurcha of Zugdidi Municipality, in the territory controlled by the central government of Georgia, the representatives of the Russian occupation forces illegally detained 3 citizens of Georgia. The information was communicated by the State Security Service.

In connection with this, the State Security Service of Georgia immediately activated the hotline and demanded the immediate release of the illegally detained persons. The co-chairs of the Geneva discussions were immediately involved in the process.


"The representative of the occupied Abkhazia confirmed the fact of illegal detention of 3 people living in the occupied Abkhazia through the hotline, in addition, representative of the occupation regime noted that the mentioned persons are no longer in illegal detention.


This is a deliberate provocation by the occupation regime, which is significantly damaging the security environment on the ground and threatening the stability of both the local population and the region", - reads the statement.



source: IPN 

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