Giorgi Gakharia: I am sure that each party and MP will act in accordance with the responsibilities that the voter has delegated to them

19.11.20 12:55

According to Prime Minister Gakharia, it is important for the processes to revert to the legal framework.


"In a few days, on November 21, the country will have the second round of elections in 17 constituencies. Of course, these elections will be extremely important in order for the processes in the country to revert to the formal, legal framework and formal and legal political platforms as soon as possible. As you know, Georgian citizens participated in the elections on October 31. It should be emphasized that in the conditions of the pandemic, 9 political parties were unanimously supported for their representation in the parliament and for the fact that these political parties jointly take care of the challenges with the mandates and responsibilities that were given to them, this is the most important. I am sure that each of these political unions, each MP understands this responsibility and, will act according to the expectations and responsibilities that the citizen of Georgia, according to his / her point of view, has allocated to them. We all need to understand that the stable development of the country and the stable political process is extremely important for the country to respond to challenges whether it is a global pandemic, or an economic crisis" - said Giorgi Gakharia.


source: IPN 

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