PM - Very important elections are ahead of us

25.09.20 14:45

We realize that very important elections are ahead of us, and issues, risks and threats related to cyberspace can become a significant challenge for our country, - Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia said in his speech at the opening of the Georgian Cyber ​​Security Forum.


The head of the government noted that the Cyber ​​Security Forum, which is being held in Tbilisi for the first time, should become an important event on the way to strengthening Georgia's national security in cyberspace.


"Cyber-dimension has become an integral part of our lives. Critically important events take place on a daily basis in cyberspace, which are an essential element for the normal functioning of governments, vital infrastructure and countries in general. Unfortunately, Georgia has faced similar threats several times in the last 12 years. We all remember: cyber attacks by Russia during the 2008 conflict, the October 2019 attack, which targeted a large number of private and public sector websites, and the latest attack, which took place on September 1, when damage was done to Georgian healthcare institutions, including the Lugar laboratory. It is very important to provide a strong structural base to effectively combat these threats," - said Giorgi Gakharia.


The Prime Minister underlined the invaluable support of strategic partners and allies in the field of cyber security and thanked them.


"I assure you that the political leaders of this country are taking their responsibilities very seriously and we are ready to work together to achieve tangible results," he said.





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