PM says Tourism contributes to people-to-people relations

05.03.24 13:09

“The development of tourism best suits Georgian culture and traditions since hospitality is an inevitable part of Georgian culture and identity,” said Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze presenting the Georgian Tourism and Aviation 2023 annual report and plans for 2024.


The PM remarked that tourism has both economic and political significance since it contributes to deepening people-to-people relations.


Irakli Kobakhidze stressed that tourism was restored shortly and developed rapidly following the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourism and aviation industries hit records in 2023.


“Last year, revenues from tourism amounted to USD four billion, thus Georgia exceeded the pre-COVID index by 26%. Tourism employs people and increases their incomes. Since 2012, the turnover of hotels and restaurants has quadrupled, the number of people employed in the sector has increased from 28,000 to 48,000, and the average salary of people employed in the sector has tripled,” Kobakhidze said.

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