Several people fined for burning EU flag in front of Parliament

17.03.23 12:00

The Ministry of Internal Affairs fined several people for burning the EU flag in front of the Parliament.


According to the information obtained by InterPressNews, at this stage, fines have been imposed on 5 persons.


For information, the Ministry of Internal Affairs started administrative proceedings on March 14 regarding the taking down and burning of the European Union flag at the rally on Rustaveli Avenue.


Desecration of the flag of the European Union is punishable and envisages a fine of 1,000 GEL for an individual.


We remind you that on March 14, representatives of Alt-Info held a demonstration near the Parliament, during which they took down the flag of the European Union and burned it. Later, the flag of the European Union was raised again in front of the legislative body of Georgia.



source: IPN 

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