Giorgi Vashadze: We are discussing with MEPs how not to punish Georgia and the Georgian people and what to do with the Government

16.03.23 16:00

Representatives of four opposition parties - Strategy Builder, Droa, National Movement, Girchi - More Freedom held a meeting with representatives of various political groups in Strasbourg regarding the issue of Georgia's European integration.


As the leaders announced after the meeting, the European aspiration of the Georgian people has the great support from the European parliamentarians, although the Government does not express the will of the citizens of Georgia.


According to Giorgi Vashadze, the leader of Strat­egy Builder, the task is for Georgia to receive candidate status of the European Union and the opposition is ready to undertake any responsibility for this.


"The dilemma is this - the Government is directed towards Russia, the people - towards Europe. How not to punish Georgia and the Georgian people and what to do with the Government - this is the content we are discussing and here we agreed that we, the opposition, must maintain the unity and common pressure that we have created with the participation of the youth, civil sector, journalists, which can bring the final victory, which our European partners are waiting for," Vashadze said.


The delegation from Georgia continues its meetings in Brussels, in the executive bodies.



source: IPN 

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