The body of Rati Shurghaia, a Georgian fighter killed in Ukraine, transferred to Georgia

20.05.22 13:00

The body of Rati Shurghaia, a Georgian fighter killed in Izium, Ukraine, was transferred to Georgia. A civil funeral will be held at Kashueti Church today. Shurgaia will be transferred to his house tomorrow and will be buried on Tuesday.


Georgian fighter Rati Shurghaia died on May 15. According to family members, Shurgaia suffered severe injuries during one of the battles and had a concussion, but did not complete the course of treatment and continued to take part in hostilities, due to which, after the condition worsened, doctors were unable to save him.


For reference, 11 Georgians were killed in the war with Russia in Ukraine, the are: Davit Ratiani, Gia Beriashvili, Bakhva Chikobava, Davit Gobejishvili, Davit Menabdishvili, Nikoloz Shanava, Arkadi Kasradze, Alika Tsaava, Zaza Bitsadze, Tato Bigvava and Rati Shurghaia.



source: IPN 

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