Person accused of killing Australian citizen Shanae Brooke sentenced to 20 years in prison

10.03.22 11:00

Rafael Mursakulov has been found guilty of murder of Australian citizen Shanae Brooke Edwards. Tbilisi City Court Judge Zviad Sharadze sentenced Rafael Mursakulov to 20 years in prison.


The brother of the murdered woman, Tyson Edwards, who had arrived from London, made a speech at the trial. He spoke at length about his sister and noted that the family was asking the court to sentence the accused to life imprisonment.


Defendant also used the final word and apologized to the Edwards family. The Australian consul was also present at the trial.


According to the prosecution, Shanae Brooke was stabbed 13 times, including 5 times in the throat, which confirms the intent to kill.


Prosecutor Giorgi Kobuladze explains that after committing the murder, Rafael Mursakulov hid the body, threw leaves over it and planned to burn it. According to Kobuladze, the accused was sane at the time of the crime, fully aware of what he was doing.


Rafael Mursakulov was arrested in connection with the murder of Australian citizen Shanae Brooke, who went missing on July 30. The body of the young woman was found on Mtatsminda on July 31.


Rafael Mursakulov was charged under articles pertaining to robbery and premeditated murder and faced a prison term from 16 to 20 years or life imprisonment.



source: IPN 

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