Health Minister: Georgia to import only highly trusted Covid vaccines

26.01.21 15:35

Georgia would important no Covid-19 vaccine lacking the high public confidence, Ekaterine Tikaradze, Georgian Health Minister, said after the Interagency Coordination Council meeting.


Tikaradze added that the government keeps working to promote the importance of vaccination. According to recent polls, approximately 42% of the Georgian population distrusted the quality of to-be imported coronavirus vaccines.


According to the Health Minister, the government trusts the World Health Organization, and the WHO approval for the vaccines would be a credible argument.


“Our citizens have to consider how responsible the government will be in its decision,” Tikaradze claimed.


The Health Minister also informed that Georgia would import the first Covid-19 vaccines at the end of February. It would be Pfizer and AstraZeneca shots initially. All the medical institutions were involved in the proper planning of the vaccination process.



source: 1TV

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