NDI: Georgians credit gov't for effectively managing pandemic

25.01.21 13:45

Georgians remain concerned about economic challenges (72%) and, for the first time, Covid-19 (16 %), the National Democratic Institute (NDI) poll results show.


Georgians credit the government for managing the pandemic effectively. They are also concerned about the future. According to NDI, Georgians are looking forward to their leaders, including the newly elected parliament, to respond to future challenges.


Georgians are confident that if they or their family member had a Covid-19 related emergency, they would know how to get medical assistance (86 %), how to provide treatment at home (77 %), and where to get a free or affordable test (65 %). A majority (60 percent) credits the government for handling the pandemic well, likely contributing to high evaluations of the government and the PM’s performance. However, looking ahead, a plurality of Georgians (39 %) think the worst is yet to come, and almost half (41 %) continue to have reservations concerning vaccination rollout, the poll reads.

Earlier today, NDI released a poll regarding Economic Concerns Amid a Pandemic.



source: 1TV

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