“Aidgylar” against Armenians of Abkhazia

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Any migration of the population is a phenomenon that kaleidoscopically changes the ethnic face of humanity. At different stages of the historical development of various civilizations, convergent processes can be followed, as a result of which huge human arrays rushed, for various reasons, to develop new territories.


The longstanding, bloody confrontation with the Russian Empire was ended with the abolition of Abkhazian statehood, all this had grave consequences for our people. After the end of hostilities, Czarism began to “arrange” the conquered country. The stage of the so-called "reformist" activity, aimed at unifying the managerial institutions within the framework of the united Russian empire began. “Turning to the very process of the establishment of power in Abkhazia, it is impossible not to notice that the bloody persistent struggle of the Russians against the Abkhaz people did not remain without visible influence on the country, put its press on the people.


Pursuing already not so much administrative but mostly the political goals, the government began to transform the communal life of the Abkhaz people, which in fact, by the period under review, were deprived of the opportunity to participate in the self-government of the conquered country. As it was reported from Sukhum to Alexander II, "... a number of direct or indirect measures had been taken... and without exception, all population consists in direct maintaining of the Russian authorities". In order to quickly establish catbird seat over the Abkhaz population and facilitate administrative oversight, the authorities found it necessary to take a number of measures. Often those measures contended the age-old habits of the Abkhazians, such as, for example, resettlement to the plains in large villages. "The inhabitants of the upper highlands of the valleys could not nonchalantly look at the extermination of their old housing, could not willingly move to open, flat terrain and settle down on a sample of Russians slobodkas or Cossack villages." Moreover, as a result of Muhajirism, Armenian refugees from Turkey were addicted to the deserted Abkhaz villages. Our houses were occupied by Armenians, Armenian villages emerged in occupied Abkhazia, Abkhaz churches were converted into Armenian, Armenian schools were opened, and in this they were Russian patrons, Armenian was added to the Russian oppression, they had all the agriculture of Abkhazia in their hands, Abkhazians had to fight against both Russian Anex and Armenian merchants. It suited Russia as Armenians were always considered as strategic allies of the Russian Empire. Even in Soviet period in Abkhazia almost all economic resources were concentrated in hands of Armenians.


During the period of struggle for the state independence of Abkhazia, the Armenian population of the country actively participated in the war against Georgia, it should be noted that their actions against the peaceful population of ethnic Georgians, Mengrels raised us all in those years, they treated old men, women, children with special cruelty and it scared us, but thy could not stop us, as the thirst for victory in us was shown very strongly.


In those years, we believed that the Armenians, as full citizens of the Republic of Abkhazia, were fighting with us for independent Abkhazia, but after the war, their real aspirations slowly but still emerged. Today, the young generation of the Republic for the purpose of earning money leaves the country and, at best, returns home temporarily, in this connection in Abkhazia the Armenian population has concentrated in its hands the entire economic channel, starting from trade and construction of road communications and to the state company.


Armenian MPs of Abkhazia began to actively intercede in the country's foreign policy, as they proposed to resume the transit railway communication through Georgia. In Abkhazia, the task of the functioning of the railway is always accompanied by scandals, primarily because for a partially recognized country this is not so much an economic issue as a political one, and countries that are interested in operating the railway through Abkhazia are probably not so eager to recognize statehood of Abkhazia. Therefore, there are crazy projects like the “railway consortium”, as a result of which, roughly speaking, the Moscow businessman was to become the owner of the entire Abkhaz railway.


Currently, the Armenians mope, waiting for the right moment to seize political power in the country. In numbers, Armenians already make up the majority of the indigenous Abkhaz population. Abkhazia is increasingly becoming the land of the Armenians, whose number is already more than 100 thousand, while the number of the Abkhaz proper is declining.


We, the former members of Aydgylar, consider it our duty to warn the Abkhaz that the Armenians have always sought to have an outlet to the Black Sea and today they are very close to this, and at the expense of Abkhazia. The Armenian factor is already being presented as a painful question of the internal political life of Abkhazia. What are we fighting for? What independent Abkhazia? For such Abkhazia where there are more Armenian schools than Abkhazian ones. It's time for our people to finally start building a truly independent, mono-ethnic country.


Aidamir Khishba



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