The "Javakhk" separatist was appointed to command a terrorist "militia" in the Shirak region of Armenia, bordering Georgia

07.01.21 14:55

Even before the start of the second Karabakh war, "Kavkazplus" wrote with concern that Armenian nationalists and authorities in Yerevan, under the guise of "militia", were preparing terrorists and saboteurs in order to incite separatism and thus claim the lands of neighboring states, in particular Georgia. More about this in the article "We must not forget that the Armenian nationalists consider all neighboring lands to be "Armenia" (


Then, which broke out at the end of September 2020, the Karabakh war, in fact, interrupted the implementation of the anti-Georgian plans of the Yerevan regime. However, after the recent defeat in the Karabakh war, to all appearances, the Armenian nationalists recalled that at one time the "Javakhk" direction of the Armenian expansion at the Dashnak Congress yielded only one vote to the "Artsakh" one. And the complete failure of the "Artsakh" adventure makes the Armenian lobby more actively engage in "Javakhk" separatism.


There are many signs of this, especially since the "Javakhk" direction of the Armenian expansion is tacitly supported by the Kremlin. It is no coincidence that Aghasi Arabian, the leader of the separatist so-called “Javakhk Diaspora of Russia”, who has entrenched himself in the Russian Federation, began to give interviews actively. But even in Armenia itself, to all appearances, the Pashinyan regime has resumed preparations for aggression against Georgia in the form of support for the "Javakh" separatist project.


This is indirectly evidenced by the material of Sputnik Armenia “The new deputy head of the Shirak region has a military rank: he will coordinate the militia” ( zvanie-on-budet-koordinirovat-opolchenie.html). Here are some excerpts from it:


“Based on the current situation in the country and in accordance with the decree of the Prime Minister of Armenia, new positions are being created in the regional centers. The deputy head of the Shirak region will regulate the activities of the people's militia.


Head of Shirak region Tigran Petrosyan introduced to the heads of communities at the meeting of the regional council on Tuesday his new deputy - Colonel Poghos Abrahamyan.


Abrahamyan was appointed to this position on November 3. He will coordinate the work of the people's militia.


He comes from the village of Zak, Georgian Samtskhe-Javakheti (Akhalkalaki), but for many years he lived and served in the Shirak region.


“I lived in Gyumri for many years, served here since the Soviet years, so this region is well known to me. I love Gyumri, and I have many Shirak friends.

The post is new, no one has previously been involved in coordinating the people's militia separately, and we must do this work for the benefit of our statehood and to strengthen our security,” Abrahamyan said, assuring that he would work in close cooperation with all communities.


The militia corps in the region will be replenished with the forces of the regional centers after the approval of the project submitted to the Armenian government.

“Organizational work in the Shirak region will begin to be actively carried out in January in order to have time to create the main divisions of the militia in a short time. This is done to improve the country's defense capability. We must invest maximum resources in this matter, ”he said in an interview with Sputnik Armenia after the meeting of the regional council.


According to Abrahamyan, all healthy people under 70 can be considered a resource of the militia. He believes that both men and women can be involved in the militia, although this item is not separately spelled out in the law.


Recall, according to the law, citizens who do not work in power structures can join the militia on a voluntary basis (since they have certain responsibilities during hostilities). During wartime, the militias will support the regular army.


Militia brigades and battalions will be created on a territorial basis (similar to the one during the first Karabakh war), and they will be led by deputy heads of local administrations. The detachments will be subordinate to the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces through a special headquarters."


A “Javakhk” separatist has been appointed commander of the “militia” (and essentially separatist militants) in the Shirak region, where the Russian base is located, and in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region bordering on the Georgian region, with separatist sentiments among the Armenians. What kind of processes is being conducted at the borders of Georgia? Especially in conditions when international transit through the same region of Samtskhe-Javakheti is actively developing (in fact, a regular movement of goods along the route "Baku-Tbilisi-Kars" between China and Europe has been launched)?


It should not be overlooked that a lot of militants and mercenaries from Samtskhe-Javkheti took part in the second Karabakh war. Several dozen of them died (the names of at least 40 of them were made public), but a much larger number of militants crossed and returned (including illegally and with weapons) the Armenian-Georgian border. These militants, who often have dual Georgian and Armenian citizenship, have already "dug in" in Samtskhe-Javakheti. And it turns out that these separatists from the other side of the border have already been appointed a "militia commander" - the same "Javakhi" separatist.


All this creates additional threats of a separatist rebellion, especially if it is coordinated from the territory of Armenia by such "militia commanders" as the same Poghos Abrahamyan.




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