CEC spokesperson Ana Mikeladze resigns

01.12.20 17:55

Ana Mikeladze, the spokesperson of the Central Election Commission, has resigned. Mikeladze announced the decision on the social network and noted that "we have to make difficult but important decisions in life."

"I assure all my supporters that by personal decision, I am no longer an official CEC employee. In life we ​​have to make difficult but important decisions and of course, each of our steps must be in line with our own values. Those of you who know me well know that I have always worked in the local and international organizations, as well as in the public sector, guided only by the principles of professionalism, fairness and good faith, and I have always tried to contribute, even a small portion to the development of our country. I would like to thank each of my colleagues, partners, journalists, people with whom I have a long-term professional or friendly relationship for their cooperation", - Mikeladze wrote.


source: IPN 

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