Zurab Japaridze: I'm renting a gym as a house - you can come and train here

30.11.20 10:35

According to Zurab Japaridze, the leader of Girchi, he rented the fitness club "Reformer Fitness" in Batumi as a house after the Labor Inspectorate fined the facility for prohibited economic activities.


As the leader of "Girchi" explained on the social network, he makes an oral agreement with the gym and those who want to work out can visit his home.


"We are concluding an oral agreement. We also have lawyers brought from Tbilisi. I rent this whole hall as a residence. As long as these regulations exist, I will have a house in Batumi. I am going to live here where I have exercise equipment that is rented along with the space. Anyone who has been training in Batumi, Kvariati, Gonio, Sarpi or the nearby area and the halls have been closed, you can come and train here, visit my house and train. No one will be allowed to enter here tomorrow because it is my home. The Labor Inspectorate can come in and see if a particular cash register is working. Come and visit me, those who want to train", - Japaridze said.

For reference, Labor Inspection fined 2 entities in Batumi - "Online Magic" Ltd., so-called "Reformer Fitness" and restaurant "Diana" Ltd. - the so-called "Kidobani" on the fact of prohibited economic activity. 2,309 entities were suspended. According to them, the Labor Conditions Inspection Department of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs inspected the institutions across the country that were carrying out activities prohibited by the Resolution N322 of the Government of Georgia of May 23, 2020.


source: IPN 

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