197 people already arrived in Georgia within 'Work From Georgia' project  

27.10.20 10:00

About 1,100 people from various countries have already expressed their desire to come to Georgia and work remotely under the project of the Government of Georgia ‘Work from Georgia’. 197 people have already arrived in Georgia within the same project. The National Tourism Administration released this information.


“At this time, the request of 700 people has already been confirmed, whose average monthly income not only meets the minimum demand of $ 2,000 but also exceeds and amounts to $ 5,700. These figures equate to potentially $ 23.9 million spent domestically over a six-month period, which is the best result when considering minimal marketing costs. 197 people have already arrived in Georgia within the framework of the project.


The country is visited by international visitors from such target countries as the USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, and others. Overall, 53 percent of the applicants accepted are self-employed (Freelancer), 28 percent are Full-Time Employee and 19 percent are Entrepreneur.


The applicants registered under the project represent up to 60 different countries, including the United States, Japan, Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus,” – the National Tourism Administration said in a statement.



source: 1TV

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