Giorgi Vashadze: They were busy with making money; they have completely failed in managing the disease

15.10.20 18:00

Support for Georgian Dream is decreasing every day and they want to somehow survive, - the leader of the Strategy Builder, Giorgi Vashadze, said at a briefing at the party office.

Vashadze responded to the briefing held by the Prime Minister of Georgia in the governmental administration today and noted that the Prime Minister's statements were meaningless and the government was doing nothing to save Georgian business. At the same time, as Giorgi Vashadze noted, the number of tests performed for coronavirus has decreased and we do not know how many are actually infected in the country.

"They are doing nothing to save Georgian business, moreover - they have not presented any plan against job loss. And they have nothing to say in terms of pandemic management.

13 000 was the highest number of tests performed before September 15 and according to the latest data, it has dropped to 6 000. Why? We do not know – either they do not have tests, or they do not have a system. The main problem, the main risk we have is that if the Covid infection is not detected timely, it will spread even further. It will gain even larger scale and we will have more dead people. There is zero reaction to all this.


They were busy with making money. They have completely failed in managing the disease. Tests are not performed, we do not know how many people are actually infected," Vashadze said.



source: IPN 

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