The separatist `independence` of Abkhazia will be liquidated, the housing of the Abkhaz will be taken away and sold for debts

22.09.20 22:06

An interesting document developed by the government of the Russian Federation (which, as you know, is headed by an ethnic Armenian Mikhail Mishustin) has been circulating in social networks under this heading. This is the so-called "Program for the formation of a common social and economic space between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Abkhazia based on the harmonization of the legislation of the Republic of Abkhazia with the legislation of the Russian Federation." It was initially published on the telegram channel on September 20, 2020 and received a wide response.


Here are copies of the pages of the document:


This program, if you analyze it carefully, despite the “beautiful” formal phrases, is really nothing more than a program for the elimination of the Abkhaz separatist “statehood”.


Item No. 2 in the program envisages the abolition of restrictions on the privatization of energy facilities on the separatist territory. Thus, the "freebie" that the separatists received from the Inguri HPP, practically free of charge electricity, is running out.


After the "privatization" of the company Chernomorenergo, which is the operator of Inguri HPP on the separatist side, Russian companies will inevitably come to the market. And they will force Abkhazians to pay for electricity at Russian rates. With the incomes of the population in separatist Abkhazia at a scanty level, and often in their complete absence.


Ie, either pay or sit without electricity if there is no money. In fact, the main "economic basis" for the existence of the population in the separatist territory will be taken away from the Abkhaz. The already impoverished Abkhazian population will find itself without light and heat: after all, in conditions when there is not enough money for food, the ability to consume electricity for free and heat their homes with it was a factor that literally allowed the Abkhaz to survive. And now this "survival" is coming to an end.


Also extremely interesting in the above "program" is Clause 11 "Development and adoption of regulations of the Republic of Abkhazia, providing an opportunity for Russian banks - creditors to collect debts under loan agreements (credit agreements) and to recover pledged property in the Republic of Abkhazia".


For those who do not understand the situation: at present, there is practically no Abkhazian family left that does not have debts to the structures of Russian banks illegally operating in the occupied territory of Abkhazia.


Banks give loans to Abkhazians for a reason but on the security of property, including real estate. Both own and "trophy".
The coronavirus and the failure of the tourist season have led to the fact that most of these loans are already overdue and problematic. Those. the dwellings in which the Abkhaz live and the "trophies" of the houses and apartments seized from the expelled and killed Georgians are no longer owned by the former separatist militants. They are pledged by Russian banks.


"Harmonization" of the separatist legislation with the Russian one regarding pledges will lead to the fact that this housing will simply be taken away. And put up for auction. At the same time, banks are interested in finding "solvent" buyers for the collateralized property.

The residents of separatist Abkhazia, who were catastrophically impoverished during the "coronavirus" isolation, have no money and are not expected to. That is, only “monetary” persons of Armenian nationality who do not have separatist citizenship, but who have citizenship of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia, will be able to buy out mortgage housing. Hence, it is natural to expect that banks will lobby for permission to sell Abkhazian land and real estate in the Armenian interests. Who are the separatists with their "national ideas" against the same Russian banks, which can buy separatist Abkhazia several times, sell it and buy it again?


In addition, clause 14 in the "Program" includes the lifting of the ban on the sale of residential real estate in separatist Abkhazia to Russian citizens. It is clear what nationality.


The Armenian lobby is more than ever close to its goal - the actual registration of "another Armenia" on the Black Sea coast. The process of liquidating the separatist Abkhazian "statehood" and depriving the Abkhaz people of their own land and real estate starts, and much faster than it was expected. For most of the points of the "program", the deadline is 2020-2021.


What can the Abkhaz do against this, except for hysteria in social networks, which no one pays attention to? Nothing! These are the consequences of the deception to which a significant part of the Abkhazian people succumbed at the suggestion of "well-wishers", Armenian nationalists, allowing themselves to be drawn into a fratricidal war against Georgia - a common homeland for the fraternal Georgian and Abkhaz peoples.


Well, the Armenian nationalists are close to getting Abkhazia into their complete possession. And they can get rid of the Abkhaz ethnos, deprived of land, real estate, and means of subsistence, as already from "unnecessary ballast". Everyone knows perfectly well how Armenian nationalists can increase their share of the population to 99-100% in territories where they recently appeared as newcomers and settlers.



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