263 political parties registered in Georgia, 80 are active

05.08.20 14:50

There are 263 political parties registered in Georgia. However, only 80 of them are active, says Georgia’s State Audit Office. 


The agency reports that 13 political blocs were registered this year, while 68 political parties requested registration for the upcoming parliamentary elections in October. 


The State Audit Office says that political parties have received more than seven million GEL in contributions in the first six months of 2020.


The Georgian Dream ruling party received 67 per cent of this sum, then comes Lelo with 21 per cent of the contribution and the United National Movement with seven per cent. 


The European Georgia and the Alliance of Patriots have received two percent of the total amount of political contributions each. 


As for the expenses of the political parties, the agency says that their expenses have exceeded 12 million GEL in the first six months of 2020, including the expenses for television ads which is about one million GEL.


source: AGENDA

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