Foreign Ministry condemns “borderization in Mereti village and frequent provocations of the Russian Federation”

22.05.20 12:55

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs categorically condemns the launch of the so-called borderization process in the village of Mereti (Gori Municipality), which is under the control of the central government of Georgia, and frequent provocations of the Russian Federation during the last two months, - reads the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.


According to the agency, as the world is battling severe consequences of the pandemic, the Russian occupation forces have activated the so-called wire fences, so-called border banners and so-called firefighting trenches in both occupied territories - Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region.


"Only in the last week, the so-called borderization process was simultaneously ongoing near the villages of Kareli municipality - Tseronisi and Knolevi, Takhtisdziri and Dvani, Koda and Chvrinisi, Atotsi, as well as the villages of Tsalenjikha municipality – Pakhulani and Muzhava, and Zugdidi municipality villages of Khurcha and Ganmukhuri.


At the same time, the Russian Federation has deliberately activated hybrid war instruments against Georgia and carries out attacks on one of the labs of the Disease Control and Prevention National Center - the Richard Lugar Center, which plays a key role in Georgia’s fights against coronavirus. The absurd and comic allegations of Russia and its puppet regime in Tskhinvali, as if the government of Georgia has artificially spread coronavirus in the region, actually serve to weaken the local population's trust and create a manageable chaos in the region.


We emphasize that such a disinformation campaign by Russia is an open attack on the health care policy of the Georgian population and national security of the country," reads the statement.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on the Russian Federation to immediately cease provocations and hybrid war against Georgia, respect its international obligations, start implementing the EU-brokered ceasefire agreement of 12 August 2008 and withdraw its occupation troops from Georgia.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appeals to the international community to take effective measures against Russia's destructive steps to stop Russia's increasing attacks on Georgia.




source: IPN

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