Georgian-German Days of Vocational Education Held in Tbilisi

19.06.19 17:40

Nowadays, the demand for professional education is increasing daily, as the employment market is getting more target-oriented, for which professional staff is required.


On June 15-16, Georgian-German Days of Vocational Education was held at the Republic Square in Tbilisi. The event was dedicated to the long and fruitful cooperation between Georgia and Germany in the modernization of vocational education in Georgia.


Together with Georgian and foreign experts, entrepreneurs, business and government officials, students and parents, the attendees had the opportunity to see how diverse vocational education could be.


During the Georgian-German Days of vocational education, a public event was organized at the Republic Square, where guests had the opportunity to see dozens of thematic information zones and stands and get acquainted with Georgian-German partnership in vocational education. In addition, people interested in the public event received a lot of information about career advancement and success stories that vocational education can offer.


Within the frames of the event, the Elis band and Salome Bakuradze held a concert which was followed by DJ-party in the evening.


The official part of the Georgian-German Days of Professional Education lasted for two days. On June 15, Expert to Expert Talks was held. Georgian and foreign experts discussed such important issues as new professional skills in Georgia; informal vocational education and adult education; involvement of the private sector in planning and implementation of vocational education; increasing the involvement of companies in dual vocational education.



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