Tbilisi Pride says LGBT pride will be held in Tbilisi

19.06.19 9:40

Despite the existing risks, the first LGBT pride in the history of Georgia is in force and we are not going to abolish it, - Tbilisi Pride reports.


According to them, family members, friends, representatives of international organizations and diplomatic corps, citizens of the EU and neighboring states will participate in the public march.


"The Tbilisi Pride team has been in a difficult situation in recent days. Informal groups that were going to patrol on the streets of Tbilisi in order to attack us, threaten not only us and other LGBT people, but everyone who is perceived as "different" by these abusive groups.


In this situation, we see inactivity of the state and hear their irresponsible and threatening statements. The government once again pointed out that there is no political will and long-term vision that indicates the desire to eradicate hatred and implementation of systematic reforms in the country. The actions of the government are inadequate and ineffective against these hate groups. Georgian statehood and institutions are in danger.


That is why we are taking to streets! We are going to force the government to protect human rights and fulfill the obligations under the Constitution. We are taking to streets to once again voice the challenges faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. We are taking to streets, because not only we, but also the statehood and democratic structure of Georgia, are in danger today.


Therefore, we urge everyone, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, join us!" - reads the statement of Tbilisi Pride.



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