Amiran Gamkrelidze: Iran may pose a higher threat to Georgia than China in terms of coronavirus

24.02.20 17:00

Amiran Gamkrelidze, Head of the National Center for Diseases Control and Public Health said that Iran may pose a higher threat than China in terms of coronavirus, as Iran is a neighboring country.


He says that Georgia took preventive measures in relation to those who have traveled to Iran for the past two weeks.


“The measures being taken in relation to those traveling from China – thermo-screening and epidemiologic consultations – will apply to those who have been in Iran for the past two weeks. Passengers from other countries are also being considered to be subjected to the same measures. Discussions are underway about suspending direct flights to Italy. The decision is likely to be made in the nearest future”, – he said.


Gamkhrelidze said that there were 24 cases when travelers were placed at the Hospital of Infectious Diseases, however, all of them tested negative on coronavirus.


“Georgia remains in the so-called green zone, where the risk of virus outbreak is minimal,” Gamkrelidze added.


In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, the Georgian government decided to suspend flights to and from Iran.




source: 1TV



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