PM calls on Cabinet to uphold principle of bureaucratic spending cuts

19.09.19 13:55

Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia has called on his Cabinet members to uphold the principle of bureaucratic spending cuts in the 2020 budget, noting that this direction will be tightly controlled.


Giorgi Gakharia spoke about budget planning before the Cabinet meeting today and noted that the 2020 budget should be focused on the citizens.


“The 2020 budget should be citizen-oriented and of course, we must all take into account the social responsibility of the state. Another important component is infrastructure and infrastructure costs, capital expenditure in the budget, of course, will increase. This is primarily focused on the consumption of our citizens, creation of a basic infrastructure, but it also has its economic significance and is very important for economic growth. It is also an important component that we all need to uphold the principle of bureaucratic spending cuts. It will be tightly controlled, ” PM Gakharia said.




source: IPN

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