Can the Bishop of Khujabi George come up to the Khujabi monastery seized by Armenians?

28.05.19 11:20

Bishop of the Marneuli and Khujabi Diocese, George, on May 26, together with the pastors of churches and monasteries in the diocese, and parishioners held a campaign “David-Gareji is Georgia” about what Channel One reports ( / dukhovnye-lica-i-prikhozhane-proveli-u-krasnogo-mosta-akciju-david-garedzhi-gruzija-foto /).


It is reported that the clergy together with the flock blocked the central highway to the Red Bridge, where trucks travel daily. Movement was restricted for several minutes. According to priest, in this way they created a little discomfort in order to shout for everyone that the shrines of Georgia are inviolable.


“We expressed an extreme form of protest, blocked the highway, and this is a warning action. If there is good neighborliness, friendship, it must be based on justice. This implies that we respect each other’s borders. The Azerbaijani side should know that if our shrines or borders will be in danger, and the day will not be set by them either. I mean that their roads pass through us. They should take this into account, “said Bishop George.


A few minutes later the road was open. The patrol police was mobilized on the spot.


I would like to ask Bishop George - he officially bears the title of bishop of Khujabi. But can he also, without any problems, simply approach the Khujabi monastery, which Armenia had brazenly seized, arbitrarily moving the border 400 meters to the north?


George can quietly visit that part of the David Gareji monastery, which is located on the territory of Azerbaijan. The passage to the clergy, pilgrims and tourists by Azerbaijani border guards is open. The monastery operates. But the attempt of the lord of Khujabi Bishop George just to get closer to the monastery of Khujabi could cost him his life.


Not only is the Khujabi monastery declared to be “Armenian” and Georgian priests, pilgrims and restorers are not allowed there in principle - although the monastery is being destroyed. There was already a precedent when Armenian border guards opened fire on Georgian journalists who tried to approach the Georgian shrines seized by Armenia, which Kavkaplus brought information in the article “Armenians seized the ancient Georgian monastery of Khujabi, illegally “shifting” the border 400 for meters (


Recall once again about this incident. This happened in 2005. Then the Armenian border guards (and actually the invaders of the Georgian lands) opened fire on Georgian journalists from the television company “Mze” who tried to approach the Georgian shrine, illegally seized by Armenians - the Khujabi temple. On this occasion, there was even a material: “Where is the border between Georgia and Armenia?” Dated April 21, 2005 (


The article reported that the border guards of Armenia opened fire on journalists from the Georgian television company “Mze”. It all started when the press learned that Armenian border guards had moved the border for 300 meters from the ancient Georgian monastery of Khujabi. This aroused interest among journalists. To check the information, “Mze” journalist George Kalandia and the film crew arrived at the appointed place.


Armenian border guards, who believed that the journalists "violated the border without permission and entered the territory of Armenia," opened fire. Shooting continued for a few minutes. And the precautionary shooting of the border guards continued until the journalists finished shooting and left the area of the monastery.


The question arises: why Bishop George together with parishioners will not approach his monastery? After all, it is his responsibility. Bishop George bears the title of bishop of Khujabi. Moreover, he himself says that the shrines of Georgia are inviolable.


But Bishop George is also most likely well aware that in the captured and desecrated Georgian monastery of Khujabi, the invaders-Armenians will meet him with gunshots. Bishop of Khujabi may be banally afraid of “Armenian Christian brothers”. And it is quite reasonable. Armenian nationalists did not spare Georgian priests and monks in Abkhazia, they did not spare women, old people and children. They will not spare the bishop.


Well, on the Red Bridge, Bishop George is not afraid of anyone. That’s why he so boldly blocks the highway to Azerbaijan and raises the issue of border revision.


This is despite the fact that 20% of the territory of Georgia was occupied precisely with the filing of the very “Armenian brothers” who captured his monastery. "Brothers Armenians" from the battalion named. Bagramyan brutally murdered Georgians, including priests and monks in Abkhazia. And so far, neither Georgian refugees nor Georgian priests are allowed to go to Georgian shrines located in Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region.


Unfortunately, Bishop of Khujabi George shows his courage and principles not in the right place.



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