German Ambassador: We want Georgia to join EU, get EU candidate status

23.05.23 11:20

German Ambassador to Georgia, Peter Fischer, on Monday, said December 2023 “is a great historical opportunity” for Georgia and the European Union, for the nation to receive the EU candidate status.


Fischer told GPB First Channel that the process entails the implementation of the European Commission’s 12 recommendations,” as well as how Georgia looks at the EU’s goals, values, and the country’s foreign policy as a whole.”


Alluding to Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, Fischer stated that “we are limiting our relations with Russia. We are not starting a new chapter of relations with Russia, on the contrary, we are closing it to show Russia that this war must end. If he [Putin] does not end the war, he will have to pay the price. These are the frames within which we look at the resumption of flights.”


The Ambassador emphasized that Germany wants Georgia to join the EU and get EU candidate status in December.




source: 1TV

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