The separatist Abkhazia has rebelled. The Kremlin is losing control of the situation

22.05.19 15:15

The events in separatist Abkhazia on May 20 and on the night of May 21, 2019 began to develop rapidly and according to unpredictable scenarios.


It all started with a suspicious deterioration in the health of the Abkhaz separatist politician Aslan Bzhania. He was hospitalized in serious condition with symptoms of poisoning in a hospital in Moscow on April 18. Two officers of his bodyguard, Kiasou Darsalia and Levan Bzhania, were also delivered with similar symptoms to the Sklifosovsky Emergency Research Institute.


There was a well-founded suspicion that in this way - by poisoning - the rival of the puppet separatist “president” Raul Khadzhimba was simply “eliminated” in the “elections” scheduled for July 2019.


As a result, on May 20, representatives of the opposition forces came to the building of the separatist “parliament” with the demand to postpone the election of the “president” from July 21 to autumn due to the fact that the Opposition bloc leader Aslan Bzhania cannot take part in them for health reasons.


However, the majority of deputies of the separatist "parliament" voted against the postponement of the presidential elections from July 21 to November 23.


In response, the opposition declared a “general civil disobedience action and state of emergency”.


“Tomorrow in Sukhumi, public transport workers declare a strike and join the actions of civil disobedience. Bridges and roads along the republican highway will be blocked. At this moment, a people's gathering began in Sukhumi, which demands the resignation of the current regime of Raul Khadzhimba! ”- wrote the opposition publication “Аҧсны.иахьа”.


Also, the opposition "Council of People's Assembly" called for "an end to banditry and criminal power" and appealed "to all concerned citizens of the country to join the people's meeting".


The "Council of People's Assembly" made a "decision to block the traffic on the Bzyp police post".


As a result, on the night of Tuesday, May 21, opposition supporters of Abkhazia blocked the roads in the Bzyp and Tamysh regions, paralyzing communication between Sukhumi and Russia on the one hand, and the Gali district - on the other.


Puppet separatist authorities were seriously scared and began frantically trying to bring the situation under control. The separatist “General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Abkhazia” made a loud statement calling for “respecting the country's fundamental law - the Constitution”.


“Any calls for the overthrow of state power and the holding of illegal actions are punishable in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Abkhazia,” the separatist prosecutor’s office said on the night of May 21 in a statement.


Very interesting. Therefore, killing people just because they are Georgians, seizing their houses as “trophies” - for years not letting refugees in there houses, depriving all human rights and for years mocking Georgians of the Gali District, this turns out to be “consistent with the Constitution”. But if something is done against the puppet power of murderers and marauders, then it turns out to be “unconstitutional”.


What is happening in front of our eyes in separatist Abkhazia is another proof that building a capable "state", albeit a puppet after genocide and ethnic cleansing, based on illegally seized "trophies" and by means of especially arrogant marauders who became "power" is impossible by definition.


The crisis of governance in separatist Abkhazia was long overdue. Of course, the puppet "president" of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba would be glad to fulfill any whims of the Kremlin "masters". But the mechanism for implementing the "wishes" of the Kremlin has long been a problem. Accustomed only to robbing and taking away the separatist puppets “swallowed” all the huge cash infusions from Russia occupying Abkhazia without creating anything at all and beyond wearing the “trophy” infrastructure.


As a result, Abkhazia is completely degraded. The Abkhaz people, ruled by their own marauders, are deprived of any prospects for a decent existence. The entire economy of the separatist Abkhazia is at the mercy of the large Armenian community, which, in principle, is interested in the Abkhaz degradation and their extinction as soon as possible.


And the situation before our eyes is out of control. Puppet separatist power simply ceases to obey the Abkhaz themselves. Of course, Russia can even introduce direct occupational control with the help of troops stationed in Abkhazia - but then one wonders where is that vaunted "independence"?


Well-organized and armed Armenians could seize control of the separatist territory - but it is just as yet desirable for them to preserve the appearance that “Abkhazia is ruled by Abkhazians”, because otherwise it will become obvious who actually seized this territory, carried out ethnic cleansing of the Georgian population and does not allow refugees into their homes.


Be that as it may, but indefinitely keeping the alien territory under control was controlled by genocide and ethical cleansing and pretending that an “independent state” was being built there would no longer work.



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