Mikheil Saakashvili: Our main task is to finish all this by spring, no postponement

13.01.22 16:30

Our main task is to finish all this by spring, no postponement, - the third President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili said in his speech at the trial.


As he pointed out, people should gather at many different places should gather for protest and use all the tribunes.


"Of course, we should not gather in one place and give the regime the opportunity to disperse us. We have to be in many places. We have to use one, two, three tribunes, this tribune as well. I came here for that," Saakashvili said.


According to him, the opposition must achieve unity.


"One of the things we have to achieve is the unity of the opposition. Do not believe the devil who is whispering to us that we will not achieve anything. It is necessary to protest everything everywhere, to work out all the political muscles.


Of course, the day will come when a large number of people will gather in Tbilisi and achieve the appointment of the extraordinary elections. I will be released from prison as a result of the very first big campaign rallies. Of course, this regime knows this very well. Ivanishvili is trying to kill me before I get out of prison. No one will be able to stop me when I am standing in front of not a few dozen friends, but two hundred thousand Georgians gathered in one place," Mikheil Saakashvili said.



source: IPN 

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