The symbol of the armenization of Krasnodar Territory “the Cossacks will cry, the Armenians will sing”

29.07.19 13:20

The Armenian lobby already feels so “masters” in the Russian northern Caucasus that it almost openly mocks the Russians, in particular the Kuban Cossacks. Making it clear that the “true chieftains” of the Kuban Cossacks and the owners of this land are henceforth Armenian.



Sputnik-Armenia published a note under the eloquent headline: “Cossacks cry when Armenians sing”: Simonyan showed the singing husband-chieftain ( This article reports that the famous director and TV host Tigran Keosayan sang the hymn of the Krasnodar Territory along with the Cossack ensemble.


“The chief editor of RT and Sputnik Margarita Simonyan continues to share her impressions of the holiday with his followers on Instagram. She published a photo of Tigran Keosoyan, her husband, who together with the Cossack ensemble performs a song.


Margarita wrote a comment to the photo: “There was such an anecdote in Kuban: “When do Cossacks cry? ”- When Armenians sing: “You are Kuban, you are our homeland ... ”.

By the way, "You are Kuban, you are our homeland, our hero of the ages! ..." is not just a song, but a real hymn of Krasnodar Territory ".


About 150 years ago, the Kuban Cossacks, descendants of the militant Cossacks, could not even imagine that an Armenian would pretend to be a "Cossack chieftain." Yes, to sing about the Kuban, which the Cossacks conquered and “cleared” for the Armenians from other peoples, as about their “homeland”.


But now such symbolic applications for the Kuban by the Armenian propagandists are taken for granted, Russians and Ukrainians in the Kuban, including the same Kuban Cossacks, are in the present enslavement of the Armenian lobby. And this apparently is not the limit. The whole housekeeper of the Krasnodar region is in the hands of the Armenians. The number of the Armenian community here, according to some estimates, already exceeds 1 million people.


So, it seems that the times are really coming when, as Margarita Simonyan mockingly says, the Cossacks will cry and the Armenians will sing, feeling like “masters” in a foreign land.




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