Minister of Justice: In response to the question whether #18 penitentiary institution is a multifunctional clinic, I will answer the following: this facility is ready to admit patient

25.10.21 13:00

According to the Minister of Justice, Rati Bregadze, penitentiary institution #18 is ready to admit and treat the third President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili.


Bregadze said this after the government session.


"The last conclusion made by the council is of a recommendatory nature. This report goes on to say that if hospitalization becomes necessary, it should be performed in a multifunctional clinic. There has been no talk of a civilian clinic, as some TV presenters, including some opponents, have said.


As for the question of where he will be transferred and if the #18 penitentiary institution meets the standards set for the multifunctional clinic, I will answer the following: yesterday we were in the #18 special penitentiary medical facility and as doctors tell us that the facility is ready to admit patient", - Rati Bregadze.




source: IPN 

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